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Sunday, 2-Jul-2006 07:39 Email | Share | | Bookmark

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finally..all my exams finished yesterday..wut a reliefe..but as usual..boredom strikes..huhu~
thank God i have sum few gr8 novels to keep me cOmpany..hehe..can't wait to let myself lost in those books..*^_^*

i'll be cOming hOme soOn..i rili loOking fOward..hurmm..juz a few days ahead...9days tO gO.yaayy...
this time i'll be back with my twO cute babies...hihi..babymOchel n sUndae...

while i'm writing keep disturbig me..asking fOr attention i guess..heh~i bet she wants sumthing tO eat..i'll be missing baby a lot fOr these cOming years..she'll be staying at hOme..n i'll be back here..alOne..seriously..having baby arOund is the best ever happen..

letely she seems to keep bugging me..asking fOr attentiOn..i wOnder..did she knOw dat we'll be parted soOn..tsk tsk.. goes along picts Of baby n sundae..sundae is for bro's..heh~hOpe they like him..taaaa~

Friday, 12-May-2006 08:01 Email | Share | | Bookmark
wut a way to start a day~

today 12th may..its quite chill out there..but thankfuly there's sun outside, instead of cloudy,rainy like owez..
i feel quite miserable nOw..butterflies inside my stomach with no reason..
i talked wit sum1 dis mOrning..which started fine but ended quite odd..well..i might not be dat sum1-one-who-can-make-my-day fOr dat person..i felt gulity fOr it.. and it's all ended in a moOdy-mOody mood..

sumthings in life left unsaid..
sumthings in act letf unexplained..
when words worth a thousand miracles..
then silence's no longer a bliss~

will there be any invisibility..again?~

to dat person~

Sunday, 7-May-2006 17:13 Email | Share | | Bookmark
sukaaan day...weeheee..=D

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alasss..abis gak hari sukan KUU 06'..eventho event stat sgt lmbat due to hujan renyai2 yg cam xmo berenti..las2..ade gak sunshine~ wee..leh laa kitorg berlari larian akhirnye..
untuk ari sukan neh ade 4 umah..itam,ungu,pink,,gie,wawa,nadh kat umah itam yg bes menang ngan kewl nyerh..qis umah pink..sarah umah ungu n last but not least..twinz..shikin n zenol omah oren..hihi..umah yg bajet gempaxxx tapi mmg memang gempaxxx..tapi kalahh..ekeke..cian umah oren..cube laie next time ek..agaknye sbb dak2 umah oren dibekalkan ngan meal yg berbagai2 menyebabkan perut2 anak2 oren penoh ngan makanan..hihi..ade nasik lemak laa (di masak oley sape yerr??? .. sandwich laa ) huhu..sedap oo mknn umah oren..umah itam mkn nasik goreng ngan donut jer..tapi..itulah yg mmberi kitorg kejayaan..ekeke..

since da day was shorten due to ujan few events was cut out..cume tinggal 100m,200m,4x100,400m,3legged race,n tarik tali..

wawa won both 100m n 200m..fes place..wuhuuu.u rawks gurl..~~ kaki cam kaki kijang..lompat2 cam xde hal je..zen lari ngan menjaga vogue nye..shikin lari smpai tanjak olen tercicir..haha..apeeee tah..

da day ended around 8..i went back not long b4 da event ended..xlarat maa..n perut super lapar sbb xmakan..las meal nasik goreng around 10..huhu..sum1 nk share wit me die punye nasik lemak..huhu..baeknye die..

n dat nite..i slept like there's no other nyte left..e x h a u s t e d~~~

ps:tomorrow will be handball tournmnt..weeee..cheer fOr zenol n wawa!!

choopp..upload picts incomplete okey~off to study fOr a while~~jaaaaaaa...

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Thursday, 4-May-2006 17:15 Email | Share | | Bookmark

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Monday, 1-May-2006 17:48 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Trip tO KieV..weeeheeee

train station..
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hehe..alas..i found sum nice place to put most of da picts during my life 'ere..but why must it has tO be in liMited quota..shhessh~
well..these picts taken during our trip tO kiev..short yet tiring..unlucky us..we gOt tO staY in an apartment quite a distance frOm da towN n frOm da metrO..but..better thn nuthing rite..nak menunggu dapat tempat stay tu punye laaaaaaaaa lame..huhu~

da trip was 3 days 2nyte..but i guess most of da time wasted on da train..tu pun kire lucky sebab dpt train malam isnin kol 1230mlm..huhu..kalu tak kene balik isnin petang,,adoii..laie leceh..n pity kerol n khairi (i hOpe i get dat rite)..stuck wit us sbb xde tiket return on da same day they arrive..hehe..terpakse laa tahan ngan kerenah2 shopping-maniac-n-lense-lurver-gurls..

we only stayed one nyte there..sO many places tO liTtle tyme..we only manage tO stoP n shOp at khreshatik metro..they said dat there are many other places..
wawa n qis searchd n searchd fOr their LoTTo shop..huhu..pity them..asek round2 area tu tercari2 mane kah Globus laie satu..

n we endup shop @ Terranova..lucky ade sale kat situ..ermm...time kitorg pegi tu...xbyk sale..n sale2 pun harge still mahal2 bangat..hihi..tapi tu laa.ade org kate..kat tmpat2 lain laie murah2..
ouh n one thing..foOds kat mister sneck wassss nicee woh.. sgt suke..nape laa kat simferopol xde camtuh..duhhh~


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